Denki are Hiring: Player Champion




Denki are on the lookout for a Player Champion; our very own customer compass to help ensure we’re no longer just delivering award winning games but, instead, delivering the right games and then scaling them into sustainable services through rapid, measured iteration.

The Role
At Denki, we’re committed to delivering simple, compelling games which fulfil the player’s needs – as Player Champion you’ll:
- Be relentless in your quest to understand the player’s needs and how they wish them to be fulfilled.
- Know where to find players and how to capture their attention.
- Understand that real answers lie outside the building and you know how to find them.
- Work lean; balancing speed, focus and learning to maximise your output.
- Systematically test assumptions and succinctly communicate learning.

Your focus will be to run customer-focused experiments, reality checking our games against players and the marketplace then feeding the results directly back into development.

- Your experience is irrelevant, your experiences are.
- Your location is irrelevant, your commitment is.
- Your qualifications are irrelevant, your talents are.
- Your technical finesse is irrelevant, your hacking skills are.
- Your Gamerscore is irrelevant , your fondness and appreciation for the medium is.

Sound like you? Full details, including how to apply, can be found here:

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