Quarrel vs The Games Industry

Today is kind of a big deal for Denki as it’s the day Quarrel finally launches on Xbox! If you’d rather stop reading at this point and go grab it from Xbox LIVE for only 400MSP I won’t be the least bit offended.  No, really, go right ahead! :-)

Still with me?  Well, in that case you might be interested to know it’s more than four years since the initial “Eureka!” moment, and more than two years since the game was fully finished and ready to launch.  And, in case you haven’t already heard, getting this game launched wasn’t exactly a smooth ride for us.  To give you some idea of how not smooth let’s just say it was rejected by almost every games publisher in the world.  Sometimes twice; occasionally three times.

And not because their game acquisition teams didn’t recommend signing it you understand, oh no.  Almost without exception every acquisition team we showed it to thought it was a certifiable, bankable HIT – just as we did.  The problems only started once they’d passed Quarrel up the decision tree to their finance and marketing teams – the bit more commonly known as “The Industry“.

“This game is fundamentally broken – how can I possibly win with only 3 letters when my opponent has 8?”;  “We could never sell this because it’s English language only”; “It looks like a kids game, but it’s way too hard for kids” and everywhere (trust me – everywhere) in between.  We heard the same justifications for passing on it over and over again ad nauseam.

However, one signal came through clearer than any other among the general noise of reasons why Quarrel wasn’t for them, and that was this: “Gamers don’t buy word games”.

Really, I thought?  That’s odd, because I’m a gamer, and I’d definitely buy a word game.  And most of my friends and colleagues are gamers, and I know they’d buy a word game.  In fact almost everyone I know is a gamer; I’m sure most of them would buy a word game.  And even the many hundreds of people who played the game during its development said they’d buy a word game.  Providing it was good of course.  So are you absolutely certain gamers don’t buy word games?

Yes.  Yes they were.  Definitely.

So who’s right then: Gamers like myself? Or the Games Industry?  Well, Wednesday January 25th 2012 is “The Day Of Reckoning”.  It’s Gamers vs The Games Industry, and one of us is definitely wrong.

My money is (quite literally) on The Games Industry being wrong. I remain convinced that Gamers know a good game when they see one and will happily invest in it – even if does involve making words instead of headshots.  That certainly seems to be the case if the reaction to the iPhone version is anything to go by anyway, but maybe console gamers are different? What’s most exciting is that we don’t have to wonder or debate much longer because we’re actually going to know the answer soon enough.

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